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Enjoy your fitness journey with Jane Cox unique and simple teaching methods and guidance from an experienced personal trainer Bournemouth. Train with Jane in her private fully equipped gym or via her online coaching APP.

Your Transformation for Life.

Mature Highly Experienced Personal Trainer | Men + Women. Female Bournemouth personal trainer 1:1 online fitness coaching available. 

A bit about your personal trainer - Jane Cox

Bournemouth UK Personal Trainer

As a professional trainer of 10+ years, my passion for body transformations was realised as I binge watched TV series 'A Year to Save a Life' featuring fitness trainer Jesse Pavleka. He literally changed peoples lives around with unique client specific workouts and fat loss. expertise. Inspired, I then coached myself through a 5 stone weight loss and various physical health problems to become fit and healthy in my 50's. My teaching style is a no jargon approach simple to understand and easy to remember. This is a sustainable coaching method kept interesting and fun - no mundane workouts here! This works especially for beginners to help build consistency and guide you towards a healthier lifestyle that you can uptake at any age. I've been unfit and overweight myself so that inspires my clients proving that change IS entirely possible. 

Your success is my success. In Fitness.


Mid - life prep fitness

Prevention is better than cure.

Getting your twenties body back or near to it, reversing the ageing process isn't as unachievable as you think. There is no better motivation to get back into fitness than preparing for mid-life! New beginnings and making that change go together perfectly as you turn age milestones. Making a commitment to yourself to get into weight bearing exercise is vital to not only living longer, but quality of life and ageing well.

Lifting weights is scientifically proven to boost the immune system, energy, reduces the risk of heart disease, helps manage Fibromyalgia syndromeosteoporosis, high blood pressureosteoarthritis, builds bone mass, improves joint, back pain and posture with a dramatic positive effect on mental health especially coming up to the menopause. I can show you how - every step of the way.

Menopause fitness - Menopause nutrition coach Bournemouth


Practical food and nutrition coaching that will make you feel amazing inside and out.

I take a hands on approach to food education so you have to knowledge to carry on healthy habits throughout your life, keeping you on track and with you every step of the way so you're guaranteed those life changing results. Meal plans are delivered through my exclusive coaching APP or you can just simply send me a photo of your meals and I'll tell you what to change. Others will notice the change in you after a period of time and you will feel happier, more confident in everything you do.

Bespoke tailored workouts daily/weekly with one to one coaching.

Everybody is unique, with their own starting point teaching practical fitness solutions to transform your body inside as well as outside. Giving you that radiated confidence to walk taller, feel fitter, healthier knowing you're making a huge step to get results to either lose weight, build strength and tone or feel more energised. Others will notice the change in you after a period of time. You might even appear taller plus those aches and pains will become less noticable.

Lifting Kettlebells

Reviews from other clients

Testimonial by Hannah client

Jane has been my trainer for 3 months now and I honestly can say that I wouldn’t achieve what I have done in those 3 months without Jane.
She has not only improved my physical health but also my mental health. When I first started I hated my body and the way I looked so I'm training for my wedding next year. Jane has given me so much confidence that I’m now a lot happier than before. Also, if I’m having a bad day - Jane is always there to help me feel 100% again.
Highly recommend.

Hannah Lowder

Person Smiling at Mobile

Try my online fitness coaching

1 - 1 fitness - what to expect

FREE Digital Welcome Guide Book.

My 1 - 1 personal training, bournemouth involves 'bite size' easy to remember learning to promote progressive results using strength training. The onboarding consultation process helps me to understand what you would like to achieve and providing the most effective program for you to achieve your body goals. This initial meet up also gives you the opportunity to ask questions, meet me and visit the private gym. We identify where you are right now and where you want to be in terms of body image, physical fitness, confidence taking into account current lifestyle. Then make a plan together how we get you there.

Daily Support

My coaching APP will keep you going.

Your start with me includes an onboarding consultation to discuss your program and your expected results. Plus a monthly review, weekly check-in and unlimited daily instant messaging support.

Training Program

Beginners to Advanced - Bespoke for you.

As part of building an overall healthier lifestyle I can also set and track custom habits such as water intake, intermittent fasting and meditation sessions. I can also provide accountability for additional lifestyle goals you would like to set.

1 - 1 Personal Training Private Gym Bournemouth

We have the gym to ourselves

Fully equipped with the latest gym kit in boutique, stylish and clean surroundings.

Accountable Results

Reach your health and body goals.

Whether it's mobility, muscle gains, toning, fitness or fatloss you need I can help get you there. We'll take progress measurements and photos. Your progress will be kept confidential on the progress APP unless you have given written consent for sharing to inspire others.


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Get in touch with any questions you may have and start your transformation journey today.

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