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Updated: Dec 20, 2022

For immediate release:

Jane Cox Fitness announces New Website Launch -

We are delighted to officially announce the launch of this website on January 2nd, 2023.

Fitness Transformations for the Big Day -

As the UK's leading wedding fitness specialist, Dorset based personal trainer Jane Cox worked with all types of clients helping them reach long and short term health and fitness goals. Since starting life as a personal trainer from her private home gym 6 years ago Jane's significant impact on results led and inspired her newly launched website targeting couples getting married with education-based remote fitness programs individually designed to help change both the outcome of the type of dress or suit size for the wedding and shaping for dress specific goals. Her approach seemed to appeal particularly to couples planning to lose weight for their wedding day labelling her 'The Wedding Body Coach'.

It's not easy being focus of attention at a friends and family event at the best of times, but being the main attraction can be stressful when all eyes are on you especially when you haven't seen family for a long while so we wanted to make the coaching process as a boost for mental health as much as a fitness journey. The website is a gateway into premium bespoke and easily accessible fitness and nutrition coaching via Jane's Cox's smart fitness APP where tiers of subscription can be useful wether the wedding is 6 weeks away or years away.

Jane Cox says:

"Anything can be possible and everyone has the power to nurture the change process. This matters to me, I believe in my clients and the power of believing in someone is the difference between giving up and success. The best chance for succeeding with anything is when there is a motivation end goal like a Wedding Day which makes the focus perfect timing to harness a healthy prequel to married life.

What I love about my work is the variety of unique challenges every body faces. My wedding fitness method starts with the initial consultation call leading to weekly accountability coaching calls. This builds over time a trusted relationship between coach and client.

My passion is to guide clients toward a healthier lifestyle that's a kind of vow of commitment to oneself. This is sustainable body transformation by creating change and positive lifetime habits, much like my own achievements and weight loss journey to make body dreams come true."

The website offers a range of monthly subscriptions where clients can work through independently through Jane Cox Fitness smart APP where clients find easy tailored fitness programs, meal plans, shopping lists and nutrition supports clients to achieve on the go anytime anywhere with or without a gym membership based on current fitness and an easy nutrition plan for busy work/life schedules and more importantly, dress or suit specific goals.

Clients review: "Jane has been my trainer for 3 months now and I honestly can say that I wouldn’t achieve what I have done in those 3 months without Jane. She has not only improved my physical health but also my mental health. When I first started I hated my body and the way I looked so I'm training for my wedding next year. Jane has given me so much confidence that I’m now a lot happier than before. Also, if I’m having a bad day - Jane is always there to help me feel 100% again." Hannah Lowder……... “Highly recommend..”

Readers can register to receive from December 26th a series of emailed fitness and dietary advice from expert in her field Jane Cox titled 'The 12 Days of Fitness' directly written for engaged couples.


A qualified personal trainer of 6+ years, Jane was married in Santorini in 2002. Jane's passion for body transformations was realised as she binge watched TV series 'A Year to Save a Life' featuring fitness trainer Jesse Pavleka. He literally changed peoples lives around for people with severe health problems. Where it all began: Art school educated in England - where her keen appreciation in the human form began which lead to having spent most of my early twenties meticulously drawing/painting life, portraits and illustrating books. As her professional artist career peaked, Jane joined but a few fine artists to become Royalty commissioned to paint the portrait of the new British King HRH Charles III back in the 90’s (HRH Prince Charles) who she was privileged to meet several times. After her 2 children and 5 stone weight gain she then coached herself back to her singles body through physical health problems to become fit and healthy in her 50's.

The online fitness industry is set to soar year on year in popularity followed by the gained momentum since lockdown. Many clients have already benefitted from online fitness coaching with Jane via her personal website

For more information,

For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please E-mail us.

Thank You!

Jane Cox PT Personal Trainer/Managing Director WeddingBodi

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